Richard McNamara & Dr. Steve Thorpe

Pictured above from left to right Dr. Steve Thorpe, chair of UK Slip Resistance Group and Richard McNamara from Total Slip Solutions.

About Us


We are a Wexford Town based Company that operates Nationally. It is our aim to help clients reduce the possibility of slip accidents occuring. Slips can be reduced/prevented and we achieve this along with our client through a series of measures. These include site surveys and BS7976-2 pendulum testing along with BS1134-1 Rz surface micro roughness testing, conducted to the H&SA, HSE & UKSRG (issue 5) guidelines. When we have obtained the required information we have the knowledge and experience to interpret the found results, and act to achieve positive steps towards floor safety compliance.


24% of slip injuries result in the injured person missing from work for over a month (courtesy of H&SA). Slips, Trips & Falls were the most common workplace accident in 2013, accounting for over one quarter (26.5%) of all awards for workplace accidents (Injuries Board). Nearly 50% of all claims made against retailers are Slips, Trips & Falls (Retail Ireland).


Don’t allow yourself or your Company to be another Health & Safety Statistic.