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5L Bonasystems Main is a specialist anti-slip floor cleaner for natural hard surface floors – ceramic, porcelain, granite and terrazzo. A unique cleaning product that not only cleans natural floors but leaves them safe and non-slip. Ideal for use in busy wet foot traffic areas such as pools, showers and changing rooms where wet floor safety is paramount.
• Increasing the slip resistance to foot traffic floor areas under wet conditions.
• Specialist anti-slip floor deep cleaner.
• For use on ceramic, porcelain, stone, granite, concrete and many natural hard surface floor finishes.
• Deep cleaning and renovating natural hard floor surfaces.
• Ideal for bare foot trafficked floors, poolside surrounds, spas, shower and changing room areas.
• Ideal for catering kitchens with ceramic, porcelain floors.
• Renovating and restoring older tiled floors.
• Removes most types of stubborn surface contamination.
• Removes rust stains.
• Will clean and strip seal from vinyl floors.

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