GRP Stair Nosings


Product Description

The GRP Stair Nosings are a cost effective solution for creating slip resistant steps for low pedestrian footfall applications. They are designed to provide a high visibility anti-slip edging for steps and comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 2004 (DDA) and BS8300 Building Regulations.

The GRP Nosings are easily and quickly retrofitted onto the nose of existing concrete, steel or timber steps, eliminating the hazards of costly slips and trips.

GRP Stair Nosings are produced using a fibreglass pultrusion process, incorporating a standard medium grade anti-slip grit and general purpose chemical resin.

They are manufactured in 3660mm lengths and can be cut to size as per client requirements.

For applications requiring bespoke sizes, grit surface or colours, please see GRP ULTRA Stair Nosings.

GRP Stair Nosings are designed for low pedestrian footfall applications. For high footfall applications and environments with harsh chemical exposure, see GRP ULTRA Stair Nosings

Low Pedestrian Footfall Applications:

Commercial building steps

Office Stairways

External Steps

Fire Escape Steps


✔ Slip Resistant
✔ Cost Effective
✔ DDA Compliant
✔ Easy Installation


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