GRP PREMIER Encapsulated Plywood


Product Description

GRP PREMIER Encapsulated Plywood is an extremely rigid GRP coated WBP plywood, incorporating a gritted top surface and edge. All areas of the WBP plywood board are completely sealed thus preventing rot and degradation due to water ingress. Encapsulated plywood panels provide a low cost alternative to solid GRP of similar thickness.

GRP Encapsulated Plywood is becoming an increasingly popular product widely used in the construction of access ramps.

Size: Standard size 1220 x 2440mm. Bespoke sizes available.

Thickness: Minimum 9mm.

Grit Surface: Fine, Medium & Heavy Duty.

Resin Types: General Purpose, Isophthalic, or Vinyl Ester.

Fire Resistance: Can be manufactured to Class 0, 1 and 2 fire rating under BS476.

Colour: Can be manufactured to any RAL or BS code.


✔ Non-Corrosive
✔ Non-Conductive
✔ Manufactured to Size
✔ Easy to Install
✔ Hard Wearing
✔ Choice of Thickness / Colour


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