GRP PREMIER Landing Covers


Product Description

The GRP PREMIER Landing Covers are used in conjunction with the GRP PREMIER Stair Tread Covers to cover the full landing area of the staircase.

The landing cover extends to a depth of 1200mm and includes a high visibility nosing in order to provide a complete one piece cover for landings. On longer landings, the landing cover can be used in conjunction with the GRP PREMIER Flat Plate.

GRP PREMIER Landing Covers have been designed for high footfall applications and harsh chemical environments, since its Embedded Grit Technology provides a hardwearing and extreme slip resistant finish. The GRP PREMIER Landing Covers will not chip or wear after time, thus presenting a 50 year design life.

GRP PREMIER range possesses the highest friction factor of any walk-on surface, thus significantly reducing potential accidents.


✔ High Slip Resistance
✔ Maintenance Free
✔ DDA Compliant
✔ Easy Retrofit Installation