Product Description

The GRP PREMIER Plate is a 4mm thick solid gritted plate system that can be retrofitted onto existing structures such as walkways, bridges, ramps, and factory floors to provide a high slip resistant and safe pedestrian area.

Our GRP PREMIER Plate is non-porous, resists dirt build up, is easily cleaned and can withstand aggressive cleaning agents.

The GRP Plate can be easily retrofitted onto existing concrete, steel or timber structures, and further provides a safe and durable alternative to steel and plastic anti-slip products.

GRP PREMIER Plate has been designed for high footfall applications and harsh chemical environments, since our EMBEDDED GRIT TECHNOLOGY provides a hard-wearing and extreme slip resistant finish. The GRP PREMIER Plate will not chip or wear after time, thus presenting a 50 year design life.

GRP PREMIER range possesses the highest friction factor of any walk-on surface, thus significantly reducing potential accidents.


✔ Exceptional Anti-Slip Properties
✔ Maintenance Free
✔ Corrosion Free
✔ Easy Installation
✔ Hygienic


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