GRP PREMIER Tactile Paving


Product Description

Our GRP PREMIER Tactile Paving is designed to warn pedestrians who are blind or visually impaired of changes in elevations. Tactile paving is used at pedestrian crossings points, railway platform edges, steps, level crossings, and footpaths. They are made in blister or corduroy options depending on the application.

The Red highway Blister tactile paving is used on signalled pedestrian crossing points and Buff at non-signaled pedestrian crossing points. The parallel blister pattern and the layout of the tactiles allow wheelchair users to cross unimpeded and the visually impaired to read the position of a crossing and the direction to proceed.

The Corduroy surface tactile paving is used to warn visually impaired pedestrians of the presence of specific hazards ie. steps, level crossings, and where a footway joins a shared route.

The groove matrix on our tactiles provides a grip surface for wheelchair and walking cane users where the tile is used on a sloping surface.

Our tactile paving can be manufactured from a light duty Stone & Resin system or a heavy duty GRP gritted system.

Our surface mounted tactile paving is quick to install on a variety of substrates, whilst minimising the cost, disruption, and the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, transport, and installation of concrete tactile paving products.


✔ No sound or dust pollution
✔ Adheres to all standard surfaces
✔ Product successfully used throughout the world
✔ High anti-skid resistance
✔ Colour match adhesive
✔ Tiles do not crack like concrete
✔ Easy to cut and fit
✔ Outperforms concrete 7 times in wear testing

STANDARD FINISHES: Blister, Highway Blister & Corduroy

STANDARD MATERIAL: Light duty Stone & Resin Tactiles & heavy duty GRP gritted Tactiles

STANDARD COLOURS AVAILABLE: Red & Buff (other colours available upon request)

STANDARD SIZE: 400mm x 400mm

QUANTITY: Stone & Resin Tactiles available in boxes of 10. GRP Tactiles available per unit.


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