Specialist Floor Cleaning

By availing of our Professional Specialist Floor Deep Cleaning services, our clients can achieve higher standards of Safety, Cleanliness, and Hygiene.

Deep Cleaning Services

Our Specialist Deep Cleaning can achieve higher standards of slip safety, improve hygiene, cleanliness and appearance. By availing of a specialist deep clean it might be the case that it becomes unnecessary to incur the costs of applying a anti-slip coating/treatment to the flooring surface as the deep clean has removed the contaminates and therefore improved the slip safety levels, Pre and Post BS7976-2 Pendulum test results can be provided as part of the cleaning services.TSS are the only dedicated specialist POOL deck cleaning provider operating throughout Ireland and we have a very strong presence in the WET leisure & Hotel sector and can provide client references upon request. We will never try to sell a Anti Slip treatment when it is not necessary.

Below are a number of examples of where a deep clean can be beneficial:

  • Leisure Centres
  • Pool Decks
  • Changing Rooms
  • Shower Areas
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Health Sector
  • Hospitality Industry

As seen in the images above and to the left, there is a huge difference between the pre-clean and post-clean images. If contamination is present, not only does it look unsightly but it can increase the slip risk of the surface massively. This is a result of the macro-pores becoming smoothed and the micropores becoming blocked up. 

The unsightly and unhygienic appearance the contamination gives the tile is a poor look but it can also massively harm the potential revenue of a business. For example, take a leisure centre – if membership is €400 for the year and if due to the unhygienic look two members, per week, for a year decide against renewing their membership. This will cause the leisure centre to lose more than €41,000 in membership income alone in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get a deep clean?

We would typically recommend a minimum of 2 deep cleans per year however, this can vary depending on the type of tile, the footfall and how effective the day to day cleaning has been. After a consultancy site visit, we can make a suggestion of what will work best for your business. 

How do I best maintain the floors after a deep clean has been completed?

A deep clean can improve the appearance, cleanliness and slip safety of a floor, however, without the correct cleaning procedures after the clean it won’t be long before it becomes contaminated again. We will engage and train your staff and review all current cleaning practices.

What is the difference between a standard cleaning companies 'deep clean' v Total Slip Solutions?

Total Slip Solutions is a Slip Safety & Risk Management company first and foremost. Our professional deep clean is aimed not only at cleaning a surface but also increases the safety levels of flooring surface. Our professional service is not the same as a staff member staying on for an extra hour or two. It is a professional service using the relevant chemicals, equipment, and methodology. Also, we can provide a Pendulum Test pre-clean and again post-clean so that the improvement in the PTV levels can be seen.

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