Surface Treatments

Every Hard Floor Surface is unique and needs to be approached in a manner that takes in all the relevant factors,including but not limited to likely contamination, Environmental conditions, Expected Footfall, Shod or Barefoot, Cleaning /Hygiene Requirements etc,etc.

A site visit is generally required and from there we can recommend which treatment or products might suit your requirements best.

  • Bonasystems Anti Slip Treatments.
  • Dr Schutz Anti Slip PU Sealers
  • Deep Cleaning Services available to remove contamination and help to improve the Co-efficient of Friction of your current flooring surface.
  • GRP overlay or load bearing sheets ideal for Wheelchair ramps, Bridges, loading bays, steps and more.

Specialist Floor Cleaning

Anti Slip Deck Treatment


Anti Slip Tile Treatment

Anti Slip Shower/Bath Treatment