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Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines

pool with tilesSwimming and water safety are life-saving skills, which provide thousands of people with the means to enjoy Ireland’s aquatic environment in a healthy, enjoyable and safe manner.
Although swimming pools offer a greater level of safety, the risk of accidents happening remains ever present. Due to the ever-presence of water on pool floors, slipping is likely if care is not taken.
This risk is all the more prevalent with the recent upsurge in the number of leisure centres and pools opening in Ireland and the number of adults and children visiting these venues.
The following are a number of guidelines which should be considered when talking about Slips, Trips and Falls in swimming pools and leisure centres:

  • Sudden drops and/or steep inclines can present particular dangers for users. A slip resistant and non-abrasive finish should be provided in these instances.
  • Pool floors and the surrounds should be surfaced with non-slip materials and there should be appropriate signs in place to discourage running.
  • Steps, handrails and ladders must be of sufficient strength and be firmly fixed to the poolside and should have treads which are slip resistant and have no sharp edges.
  • All ramps should have a slip resistant surface and handrails on both sides.
  • It is a legal requirement that all facilities shall have a written operational plan. Do you know the risks and how they are to be dealt with e.g. slippery floors after cleaning.

For further details on whether your swimming pool or leisure centre is compliant, please contact Richard on 0876915650

Information in this article has been sourced from SwimIreland and ILAM and Irish Water Safety

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